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Didjaever sit back and think……

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Didjaever sit back and think “How is this my life?” I know I’ve been lucky enough to say that it’s happened to me a few times. Sometimes, it’s because you’ve hit an all-time low, but because we are resilient and tough; we bounce back. But sometimes? Sometimes it was a night like last night.

Kyle and Leah Samson were in studio getting ready for next week’s episode (Feb. 19th) and there was a moment during the conversation, well more like their live acoustic performance, where Leah was singing beautifully about her mom, and I found myself with tears in my eyes and asking myself “How is this MY life?” I’m so lucky to have the chance to have these deep, intimate conversations and personal concerts in my living room each week with new and old friends alike. But then I think; it’s not luck. It has absolutely nothing to do with luck. Want to know what it is?

Hard work. It’s takes a lot of it to get anything you want. Nothing worth having is easy to keep. I love this show for everything that it is, including the planning, the recording, the editing, the distribution and analytics, the social networking side of things, and now the website, learning about web design and SEO and e-commerce as well as audio engineering and video production, and then the laundry list of things that I don’t even know that I don’t know yet!!!

In closing, I guess I just wanted to say: all this hard work is more than worth the the two top payoffs. Number A- The connections made with our guests. And letter 2- the feedback from all of you!! I am so grateful for all the kind words of encouragement and want to extend my eternal gratitude to all of our guests, past, present, and future!! I love you all!!!


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