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Something big (& delicious) is brewing!

Sounds like a match made in heaven!” said the voice on the phone when I called Uncle Leo’s Brewery (Owned by the Whiffen Brewing Company) in Lyon’s Brook a few weeks ago. Rebecca was who I spoke to and she was more than excited to hear about what it is we do here on JaM Sessions. So Mike and I took a little drive over to the beautiful facility where every drip of these fine ales are carefully crafted. We talked a bit more with Rebecca, learned A LOT about who they are, and why they do what they do. I’m too excited to keep it all to myself, and its still very early in the process; but we are working on a little partnership with these amazing people and outstanding local business owners in celebration of their newest APA – JAM Session.

JAM Session is an American Session Ale that they’re just having fun with. Each release may feature different hops and/or other additions, just for the hell of it.” When I read that description, I HAD to make the call and get the word out about this super yummy beer. It’s less hopsey and has super refreshing grapefruity citrus finish. Available at most NSLC locations, at the brewery itself AND you can even order online and get free delivery within Pictou County! (minimum $24 for delivery) Check them out and stay tuned for more exciting news from us here JaM Sessions and the fine folks at Uncle Leo’s Brewery!

Love you all!


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