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Sometimes ya just need a break, but don’t ever stop

If you follow us on Facebook, you’d know that Mike is taking a bit of a break from the show. Sometimes; that’s just what you need to do. But there’s the other side of that taking a break – the show must go on! As we round the corner toward the end of season 2, and the 1 year anniversary of the show, we realize that we can’t stop now. Jeph has put out the call on the social platforms…Fans of the show, as well as past guests have answered Jeph’s call and there’s some real cool things coming soon!

Stay tuned here for big announcements but be sure to follow the show on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for more up-to-date news and events! Here’s to an amazing summer filled with adventure, live music gigs for all of us and a great last few episodes of what has been a wonderful Season 2!

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