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About us

What even is JAM Sessions? 

Jeph Balesdent, Frontman for the 5-piece rock band FrAiL, and former lead singer for the Canadian punk band The Lesbians,  Mike Hatfield showcase musicians and music fans all over Pictou County Nova Scotia and abroad. Subscribe today and keep your ear to the ground when it comes to what’s hot, what’s not and who’s upcoming in the eclectic musical landscape that makes up this beautiful part of the world. 

We put the "J and M" in J.a.M. Sessions

Jeph Balesdent Producer & Co-Host

Jeph has been a singer and lover of music his entire life. Fronting the rock band FrAiL as well as producing his own sleepy-time podcast and watching that start turning into what J.aM. Sessions has become today, he teamed up with long-time friend and co-host extraordinaire and together they produce the best music and entertainment Podcast in Pictou County!

“Next to my kids, this is the best thing I’ve ever made” -Jeph Balesdent 

Mike Hatfield Promoter & Co-Host

Promoter, Vocalist, Musician, Master Manifestor and now your co-host! “I see that I know all these people and I just want to connect them either musically or I just want to see them play a show together or  event, and this was a weird year and the perfect platform to do that. I hope you love it as much as we do.”

our Mission


Back in July of 2020, Mike asked Jeph if he wanted to start a podcast featuring all the amazing musical talent in their local area. Jeph jumped on the chance and into his truck with his podcasting equipment, drove directly to Mike’s house, setup a mic in front of Mike and hit record. (download the pilot episode to listen to this exact conversation!)

This is a collection of intimate conversations between friends about the music they make. The first season was comprised of 38 individual guests, 1 special guest host, and filled with some insightful and often hilarious conversations spanning across 25 episodes and touching just about every musical genre out there. 

2020 was a hard year for musicians and Mike Hatfield wanted to find some way to promote them. So he thought “Why not start a podcast? Who do I know that could help me do that AND have a blast together doing it?” his first and only thought was that of long-time friend and fellow performer (and podcaster) Jeph Balesdent. 

Together they put the J and the M in J.a.M. Sessions. Subscribe today and please consider donating by “Buying us a Twisted Tea

Please consider donating to help with production costs. buy Mike a tea or Jeph an Uncle Leo's?

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